Welcome! My name is Tina Wright and I founded Nature’s Album in 2002 as a way to share the beauty of nature as I see it through my camera lens. Through my darkest times I could always turn to the natural world to help heal and renew my spirit. I truly believe nature has the power to instill calm and peace if one is open to it. Some of my happiest and most profound memories stem from encounters I have had in the wilderness. 

In 2005 my photography career headed in a new direction when I met Kevin Juberg and we started Sierra Blanco Photography, a company exclusively dedicated to fine art wedding photography. Kevin later became my husband and our venture became highly successful and in turn very time consuming. And though this venture has taken us around the world and provided many new and wonderful experiences, we always find ourselves migrating back to nature photography.

We are now ready to find a balance between the two worlds and with that, are introducing Nature’s Album by Sierra Blanco. Sharing time together, spending it in wild places, and capturing it frame by frame are what we love most. Moreover, we want to share with others what we witness and the emotions we experience through these wild encounters. We hope you enjoy!

A WORD ABOUT THE DONKEY PROJECT (A PHOTO ESSAY): Lake Pleasant Regional Park is home to a large herd of approximately 350 wild burros. We always got a thrill out of spotting the burros and in June 2013 we decided to begin work on a photo essay dedicated to these exceptional and often overlooked animals. The "Donkey Project" was born.

We are now following three clans we named the Dry Lake Clan, the Two Cows Clan, and the Arroyo Clan. Our goal is not only to document the lives and behaviors of these wild donkeys, but also glimpse a view of the harsh natural environment they inhabit and the other animals they share it with, both wild and free ranging. This project has become very dear to our hearts as we begin to know these animals as individuals. It is a privilege to be allowed into their world.